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Divine Kind 20 LLC focuses on neurologically based conditions through tutoring, consulting, evaluating and progress monitoring.

1601 S State Street Edmond,Oklahoma 73013


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a program that engages every single student. We strive to help students accomplish challenges and exceed their goals in a caring and supportive environment. Divine Kind 20 LLC focuses on neurologically based conditions through tutoring, consulting, advocacy, educating and evaluating.  We use unique ways to assist families in tutoring, in this uniqueness we formulate tutoring styles to suite the child’s need and help them learn in the way that fits him/her. 
During our evaluation request, we begin with consulting. 
During the consultation, we are prescreening, getting to know families and gathering information to continue services. We continue with a pre-evaluation service. In this service, we performs a classroom evaluation and screeners to not only see how the child perform on test but to also to get an idea of what disabilities that may arise on the evaluation. 
There are three screeners that are given to measure math, writing, and reading. During the evaluation, a test is given tailored to what’s fitting for the child and would give accurate measures of performance.
 Progress monitoring service is given post evaluation. This is to assist the child, based off low subtest areas on the evaluation with techniques to increase a child’s ability in that area of struggle. 
Specialized Learning Plan is what we use to formulate techniques to support the child’s need. Progress monitoring is encouraged and should last six months to a 1 calendar year post evaluation. Divine Kind 20 specializes in Learning Disability and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Get in touch to learn more about Divine Kind 20 LLC.